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NCI offers ‘Durum Foods’ webinar for bakers looking for alternative grains

July 19, 2021
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of NCI

Northern Crops Institute (NCI) is offering an online course on “Durum Foods”.

This course provides participants with information on how durum can be applied to baked goods. The Durum Foods course will touch on many unique traits of durum, nutritional components, baking and working with durum, as well as a basic understanding of the milling process through networked lectures and video tours.

Participants will learn from seminars, watch milling and baking videos. Attendees will also have the opportunity to talk with presenters during live Q & A sessions and take virtual tours. This online course will begin in August and bakers will have the opportunity to work at their own pace through the course.

Webinar Topics:

  • History of Durum
  • Breeding Durum
  • Milling Durum
  • New Durum Food Opportunities
  • Traditional Durum Based Foods
  • Nutritional Components of Durum
  • Baking and working with Durum
  • Durum FOD Maps
  • Functionality and Flavour

Bakers can register today, and the course is offered online only.


Registration Fee: $250.00
Registration Deadline: July 30th, 2021

To pay by credit card or with an electronic check for the course, register |HERE|

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