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Dawn Foods student cake competition showcases next generation of bakers

April 3, 2024
By Bakers Journal

College-level baking and pastry students will illustrate what Canada means to them by presenting a themed, tiered cake and plated dessert to be finished a la minute! Students may highlight any aspect(s) of Canadian regional foods, ingredients and culture to be judged by experts on presentation, technique, creativity and taste.

Organized in collaboration with the Baking Association of Canada, this unique competition, sponsored by Dawn Foods, will test and showcase the skills of baking and pastry students from Ontario college baking and pastry programs, provide them with feedback from judges and allow them to make connections within the industry. Students will craft cakes ahead of the competition that will be on display throughout Showcase.

This competition is open to students enrolled in select accredited college or trade school program in Baking, Cake, Pastry and/or Chocolate. Recent graduates may compete (they must be within six months of completing their program at the time of competing). Students may compete as individuals or as teams of two people (teams of two will split any prize).

Austin D’Souza, Technical Sales Consultant, Dawn Foods, and Bernadette Shanahan-Hass, Executive Director of the Retail Bakers of America, will be among esteemed judges for the competition.



There will be two components:
1. Decorated Tiered Cake: Decorate a tiered cake using a cake dummy
2. Plated Dessert: Plate, embellish and present a slice of cake to each judge to taste and evaluate during Bakery Showcase

Part 1: Tiered cakes will be judged on the following criteria:
• Skill and precision of Techniques (20 points)
• Originality and Creativity (20 points)
• Number and Difficulty of Techniques (15 points)
• Proportion and Balance (15 points)
• Use of Colour (15 points)
• Overall Eye Appeal/Judge’s Discretion (15 points)

A total of 100 points may be earned from the judging panel for the Tiered Cake component (Part 1).

Part 2: Plated desserts and tasting will be judged on the following criteria (based on the Canadian Culinary Institute plated dessert tasting rubric):
• Temperature (12.5 points)
• Overall Flavour (25 points)
• Overall Texture (25 points)
• Sauces (25 points)
• Garnish Appropriate (Chocolate or Sugar) (12.5 points)

A total of 100 points may be earned from the judging panel for the Plated Desserts and Tasting component (Part 2).

There will be prizes:
• 1st Place – $2,000
• 2nd Place – $750
• 3rd Place – $250
• People’s Choice Prize for Tiered Cake – $250
• All winners will be featured in Bakers Journal


The competition will run from 11:00am – 4:30pm in the Competition Area adjacent to the Demonstration Area on the show floor.

Attendees are invited and encouraged to vote for their favourite tiered cake. The cake with the most votes will be announced during the Award Ceremony Monday, May 6, at 11:00am and take home the People’s Choice Prize of $250.

Sunday, May 5:
9:00am – 11:00am – Setup of Tiered Cakes
11:00am Sunday – 5:00pm Monday – Entries on display
12:00pm – 2:00pm – Judging of Tiered Cakes
2:00pm – 4:30pm – Judging of Plated Desserts

Monday, May 6:
11:00am – 11:30am – Awards Ceremony

Order of presentation:
• People’s Choice Prize for Tiered Cake
• 3rd Place
• 2nd Place
• 1st Place

Meet the next generation of Canadian bakers and see what sparks their creativity and what skills they have to offer!

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