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Inspiration for bakers! Holiday kits provide entertainment, a chance for family and friends to bond and treats without starting from scratch, writes @JaneDummer in her latest Final Proof column (Photo by Julia Konovalova, courtesy @SweetFlourBakeShop)

December's @BakersJournal has inspiration for baking with fruit, tips for handling the holiday rush, the BAC Bulletin, yule log tips and Chef Nicholas Dutertre's exquisite recipe, insights on holiday kits from @JaneDummer, RD, and more! Check it out!

Are you innovative? Resilient? Tell Bakers Journal and @ArdentMills your story and you could see your bakery on the cover of Bakers Journal and across the world, online! Enter now as we highlight entries as we go! Final deadline is March 1, 2022;&title&*URLENCODE(&TITLE;)&utm_source&PUB_CODE;&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign&*URLENCODE(*JobID)