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IFF showcases product lines at IBIE using augmented reality

September 14, 2022
By Bakers Journal

Photo: IFF

IFF will introduce several products at IBIE, including flavours and colours, functional ingredients, emulsifiers, hydrocolloids, enzymes and natural fruit and vegetable inclusions for baked goods.

Some of the featured ingredients will include Enoveratm 3001, which was recognized by IBIE’s BEST in Baking as a qualifier in the Sustainability category. Enoveratm 3001 is the first enzyme-only solution on the market to consistently replicate the robustness and functionality of conventional dough strengtheners in a formula without DATEM, SSL, monoglycerides or crutch additions for a consumer-friendly label, the company said in a press release.

Re-master Vanilla is designed to withstand harsh baking processes for maximum impact and taste profiles. Vanilla flavours are customized according to product development needs, such as to modulate the perception of sweetness, increase intensity, and mask off-notes from alternative proteins and whole grains.

Taura by IFF is a line of real fruit and vegetable inclusions for healthy bakery products. Taura provides customized fruit pieces, flakes and pastes that retain a fruit’s taste, colour and nutritional characteristics by using unique technology.


This is the first appearance at IBIE for IFF, which in 2021 merged with DuPont’s Nutrition & Biosciences business. Its booth (2809) will bring two bakery product development experiences to life through augmented reality, or AR. Visitors will be able to design their own cupcakes by selecting a theme and choosing various flavours and toppings to reveal their cupcake creation. In another simulated journey, visitors will get to walk through the breadmaking process to understand how the different types of IFF ingredients can impact and improve bread quality.

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