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TIC Gums guar gum replacer

October 19, 2011
By Bakers Journal

breadsOctober 19, 2011, White Marsh, MD – As supplies and availability of guar gum continue to be stressed, TIC Gums is introducing a new texture and stabilization formula that can replace guar in bakery products. 

Guar gum, which is high in soluble fibre, is traditionally used in bakery products for moisture retention contributing to the weight and texture. Guar gum keeps bread smooth, pliable and fresher for longer.

Ticaloid GR 5420 is a blend of gums that can completely replace guar in bakery products like cake, bread, bagels, and muffins. This proprietary blend is designed to deliver the same texture benefits that guar gum does, without the threat of supply interruptions or price instability.

Testing of Ticaloid GR 5420 compared visual differences, effects during baking, sensory evaluations, and a ten day period of observation, along with texture analyzer results over that same ten day period. During the bakery product shelf life, key attributes like moisture retention and crumb structure remain without the use of guar. Ticaloid GR 5420 is also designed to provide equivalent batter viscosity and dough texture.

Ticaloid GR 5420 can be used in amounts of two to five ounces per 100 pounds of flour.

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