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Confectionery coating system from TIC Gums

February 13, 2012
By Bakers Journal

February 13, 2012, Cologne, Germany – Anyone who didn't get the chance to visit the TIC Gums booth during the ProSWEETS show in Cologne, Germany, can now visit the booth in cyberspace and learn more about a new coating system for confectionery.

During the show, TIC Gums introduced its new TicaPAN 311 coating system for binding sugar and sugar alcohol syrups in confection coating and panning. TicaPAN 311 is a key part of the company's global growth strategy, especially with respect to the European market.

"With the proximity of our new manufacturing capability [in the United Kingdom] to this event, all the right elements were in place for us to introduce our company and our unique technology to the confection industry, here at ProSweets," said Gregory C. Andon, president of TIC Gums. "We are very happy to be here in Cologne to introduce ourselves, our company, and the value we bring to the confection industry."

Initially designed to replace gum arabic in confection applications, TicaPAN 311 has comparable crystallization, binding, and drying properties when compared to traditional coating systems. TicaPAN 311 also imparts a whiter shell coating during the panning process and ensures a smooth finished appearance.


According to TIC Gums, TicaPAN 311costs approximately 20 per cent less when compared to gum arabic at usage levels between two per cent to four per cent of the engrossing syrup

Because of its performance, gum arabic, also known as gum acacia, was historically the primary hydrocolloid used in panned confections. It is one of the world's most universally used gums, with a history that stretches back thousands of years. Gum arabic is also one of the most difficult gums to source and is sometimes subject to unstable pricing, with supplies impacted by weather, political unrest, or other external factors that can negatively influence availability. These challenges prompted TIC Gums to invent the TicaPAN coating system technology.

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