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Glanbia’s OptiSol 5000 guar gum replacer

February 10, 2012
By Bakers Journal

February 10, 2012 – Glanbia Nutritionals’ OptiSol 5000 ingredient is a replacement for guar and other gum systems designed to help manufacturers overcome the challenges posed by soaring guar gum prices and reduced global supply.

OptiSol 5000 is a natural, functional flax seed-based, label friendly alternative to guar gum. It can be used in tortillas, breads, sweet baked goods, batters and a variety of other product systems.
A rise in global demand for guar gum due to additional uses by the oil and gas industry, coupled with reduced supplies from flooding damage in growing regions, continues to have a significant effect on guar gum prices. The latest reports suggest prices have increased by a massive 230 per cent in the last year alone.

OptiSol 5000 has been designed as a cost effective tool to give manufacturers an alternative solution to these high prices.
Functionally, OptiSol 5000 provides a variety of hydrocolloid benefits including moisture-control, shelf life extension, viscosity generation, cryoprotection, and enhanced nutritional benefits, as it is naturally high in ALA omega-3 and fiber. With an ingredient listing of “milled flax seed”, it offers food manufacturers a highly sought clean label solution.

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