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CDN product catalogue

February 10, 2012
By Bakers Journal

February 10, 2012 – Component Design Northwest (CDN) is now offering a foodservice catalogue showcasing a variety of thermometers, timers and more.

Designed to assist foodservice professionals in their purchasing decisions and product usage, the catalogue includes a series of informational features on thermometer technologies, such as “Thermocouple Basics,” “Infrared Basics” and other helpful background information.

Additional articles such as “Coffee Tips for Foodservice Success” serve as a helpful resource for maximizing profitability and efficiency.

The catalogue also includes a list of thermometer and timer best sellers, along with a complete product listing and a description of private label opportunities. The thermometer line includes thermocouple, thermistor, bimetal, infrared, digital probe, candy and deep fry, beverage and frothing, oven and grill, refrigerator/freezer/air and dishwasher models, plus probe wipes and other accessories.


The CDN line also includes an array of digital and mechanical timers.

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