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Europain gearing up for 2012

October 19, 2011
By Bakers Journal

October 19, 2011, Paris – Next year’s Europain and Intersuc shows will focus on innovation and trends, supporting decision-makers in their quest to develop their businesses in the face of changing economic models.

During Europain, which runs March 3 to 7, 2012, show organizers will also host the first SuccessFood exhibition, dedicated to "reinventing the foodservice industry." This unique event is expected to attract 1,000 exhibitors and 85,000 visitors.


Europain places the emphasis on innovation with a varied offering in terms of equipment, shop furniture, raw material, ingredients and food products for craft and industrial bakeries and pastry making. This year, Europain will shine a spotlight on seven trends that will help professionals anticipate critical changes in society:

  • Bakeries as new social venues
  • Innovations – versatile processes and appliances
  • Quality and innovation in organic food
  • Creativity and sophistication in pastry making
  • Pastry making, a never-ending source of inspiration
  • Quality and innovation in industrial bakery
  • Bread as a health food

Europain will also highlight “Innovation Stars” in the 2012 Innovations Area, showcasing innovative products and equipment from each category, the Europain Innovation trophies, which will reward the best innovations, and Intersuc 2012 collections, which will showcase sweet and chocolate creations.

A number of other high profile events and competitions will also run during Europain, including:

  • The Bakery World Cup: This worldwide competition brings together 36 of the most talented bakers from 12 countries. There will be three contests for teams of three, each specializing in one field: baking, pastry-making and artistic culinary design.
  • The International Confectionery Art Competition: Teams from 16 countries will duke it out over four days in the only international contest to promote gender parity. Each team consists of a man and a woman.
  • The International Cuisine Cup (ICC): The inaugural edition, organized in 2010 by the Mutuelle des Cuisiniers de France, was a resounding success. This year, the ICC will feature teams consisting of a young chef and two kitchen assistants. In just a few hours, the 12 teams will prepare a main course with a side dish and a dessert. They will be judged on their work technique and the way they bring out the flavour of the ingredients.
  • The French Schools Cup: This artisan bakery and pastry making contest puts young talents in the spotlight and promotes the transmission of know-how to trainees. To confirm its commitment to the promotion of professional training, Europain will feature the “Rue des Ecoles” (Road of Schools) near where the French Schools Cup is held.


Professionals must adapt to the development of multifaceted foodservices and, in particular, to the bakery market’s shift toward catering. The new SuccessFood exhibition will provide visitors with ideas in terms of offer creativity, innovation, relevance and diversity.

Highlights of SuccessFood include the SuccessFood Innovation Grand Prix, which will showcase the best foodservice concepts by market segment, and the SuccessFood Awards, which will recognize reinvented foodservices (contract and institutional catering, branded shops and cultural venues).

Other notable events scheduled during SuccessFood include:

  • The French selection round for the Bocuse d’Or, where the best French talents will compete to qualify for the next European Bocuse d’Or competition, to be held in Brussels.
  • The European selection round for the World Pastry Cup, during which the best teams will vie with each other in terms of inventiveness and creativity to qualify for the final of the World Pastry Cup.

The Road to Success

The Road to Success will connect Europain to SuccessFood, figuratively and literally.

More than 1,000 m2 will be dedicated to successful bakery and food outlet concepts. This area will provide concrete solutions to help visitors succeed with their own projects. Designers of the concepts on the Road to Success will share their experiences in terms of both economic strategy and their product offers.

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