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RATIONAL launches new vents

May 28, 2018
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of RATIONAL Canada

RATIONAL, the manufacturer of combi-steamers, announced the launch of the new UltraVent and UltraVent Plus recirculating hoods for SelfCookingCenter® models 61/101 and 62/102.

The UltraVent absorbs and dissipates steam, and the UltraVent Plus adds special filters that capture grease and smoke that occur during grilling and roasting. Equipped with the appropriate UltraVent, a SelfCookingCenter® can be used in visible locations such as open kitchens, or storefront cooking station.

The RATIONAL brand vents feature an option to be stacked on top of combi-duo units. This means that smaller kitchens may have the option of more space, or using a spot that was previously inaccessible, meaning a more efficient use of floor space for the restaurant or kitchen.

The UltraVent Plus also automatically indicates when it is time to change the pre-filter or main filter. Filter cleanliness levels are constantly monitored. The installation of both recirculating hoods is simple and it can be retrofitted at any time. An external connection is not required for those air-recirculation hoods but local standards and regulations for ventilation systems must be adhered to.


The height of these base cabinets is adapted to be able to operate the unit with proper clearance.

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