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Ireks North America introduces new spicy topping

May 28, 2018
By Bakers Journal

Bakery Showcase 2018 featured the launch of Ireks’ new product, their Spicy Topping.

Made with extruded corn, and a variety of spices that were blended specially for topping and inclusion applications, it is described as being a “bit crispy” and “gives a nice little kick.”

Jan Doktor, the technical advisor for Ireks says it was designed to “have a nice little kick, with a bit of a bite.” He adds that the new crunchy topping promises to be an attractive and tasty addiction to bagels, pretzels and corn bread. The topping blends well into most dough formulations, and when used as a topping, adds an interesting bubbly texture to finished baked goods.

The new topping is available commercially through their distributors. “We’re selling it all over the world. [The product promises] a lot of possibilities.” Some of the options include creating a visually intriguing texture to any baked good. “It creates an alluring finish, and as we all know, we buy with our eyes first.” The Spicy Topping is described as blending well, while adding a slight spicy flavour to any bakery mixture. Doktor adds that the topping mix works well when mixed into cornbread batter; the crunchiness adds more texture and the slightly spicy finish complements most cornbread.


Doktor stated that the spicy inspiration arose from studying trends.  Ireks noticed a marked preference among consumers for savoury breads and toppings, and are focusing their direction towards health-conscious and less sugary offerings. That’s not to say that sweeter toppings will not be omitted from Ireks’ inventory: some sweet bread toppings are still in development. “While a sweeter one is possible, we are currently focusing on savoury options,” said Doktor in a phone interview.

The versatility of their Spicy Topping addition doesn’t come with any recommended application ratio: Doktor adds that each baker has “their own palate, and their own idea of what percentage of the topping tastes best.” He prefers that the bakers put “their own spin on it,” by using anywhere from 2 per cent to 10 per cent (or more) into or on their bread products.

Doktor adds that the company slogan, “now you have a choice,” refers to the array of sweet and savoury toppings that Ireks provides.

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