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Podcast: How charitable giving can raise your bakery’s profile

January 16, 2020
By Bakers Journal

In this five-minute flashcast, On The Rise explores the effect charitable giving had on making The Sweet Bakery more popular than ever.

Stacey Bester at work at The Sweet Bakery in Brantford, ON

“On The Rise” is a five episode flashcast. It’s five short podcasts, lasting five minutes each, that explore what the Jake The Baker judges look for in a winning entry.

In this third episode of “On The Rise,” Elaine O’Doherty and Naomi Szeben, talk about what it was about Stacey Bester’s entry that touched them, when reading The Sweet Bakery‘s submission.

Bester was a divorcée who started a bakery as a way to start her life over. Her gratitude to her community led Bester to volunteer with a fundraiser that helps homeless youth in a special way.

Got five minutes? Click on the player below to listen to how The Sweet Bakery makes life a little sweeter for those who need it most, and how that in turn, brought more people in to her bakery:


Think about how your bakery makes your neighbours’ lives worthwhile. Submit your entry to the Jake The Baker contest today, and you could see your story on Bakers Journal.

You can download it on Apple Podcast to learn more about The Sweet Bakery story later, or through Spotify. Or just click to listen to the entire playlist here: On The Rise.

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