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Podcast: What it takes to win the Jake the Baker contest

January 20, 2020
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of the Dooher family.

In the final podcast of the five episode flashcast series, “On The Rise” reveals the winner of the 2019 Jake The Baker contest.

As Elaine O’Doherty, of the Jake the Baker contest founding sponsor Ardent Mills states, “all you need is one great story around one great thing that you do.”

While Dooher’s Bakery certainly got connected to various associations and charitable groups in the near 70 years of its existence, you don’t need to give to every charity or cause to enter. A family story of how your bakery got started, telling the judges how you got connected to your community, or even talking about your best selling product and why its different from other bakeries will get you noticed by our judges.

Listen here to learn what it was about Dooher’s bakery submission to the 2019 Jake The Baker contest that caught the judges’ eyes: We hope it will inspire you to write about the one great thing your bakery does and send it in

You can download it on Apple Podcast to learn more about Dooher’s Bakery  later, or through Spotify. Or just click to listen to the entire playlist here: On The Rise.

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