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Orbis Corporation introduces new, reusable pallet

September 5, 2018
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of Orbis Corporation

ORBIS®, an international reusable packaging corporation, has introduced a new pallet to its XpressPal® family.

The XpressPal® (XP) Grocery pallet is designed to ship finished goods from distribution centres to retail in grocery supply chains. As grocery and food service industries continue to evolve, the XP Grocery pallet is a versatile and reliable pallet option.

“Our latest addition to the XpressPal family provides a nestable fully hygienic pallet option that features a new design and innovative features for handling high-demand products, such as fresh food,” said Ryan Roessler, plastic pallets product manager at ORBIS Corporation in a press release. “Fresh food is a high-selling category for grocers, and the new XP Grocery pallet is a safe, cleanable and reusable option to ensure products are delivered to retailers in good condition and with minimal hassle.”

The XpressPal family of pallets streamlines distribution in today’s fast-paced networks. The XP Grocery pallet’s new leg design and deck features add greater variety and function to ORBIS’ grocery pallet portfolio.


New design: leg alterations

The new legs on the XP Grocery pallet are round, making the pallet compatible with similar pallets on the market and increasing the pallet’s impact performance in rugged grocery environments. In addition, the XP Grocery pallet’s legs are now 18 inches apart. This gives forklifts maximum room to remove stacked pallets without the pallets sticking together, allowing for easier material handling. 

New features: advanced pallet deck 

The XP Grocery pallet’s top deck includes a molded-in texture to minimize load shifting. The texture increases friction, so goods are less likely to slip off the pallet. In addition, the XP Grocery pallet’s top deck includes ergonomic handle holes so the pallet can be manually moved or unstacked, making it an applicable option for manual and automated systems. For additional anti-slip friction, rubber grommets are available.

Reliable benefits: one-piece hygienic structure   

For increased function and safety, the XP Grocery pallet is a one-piece fully hygienic plastic pallet. The one-piece high-pressure injection-molded construction gives the pallet a high strength-to-weight ratio and the ability to withstand rugged handling. The pallet’s flow-through design eliminates areas where contaminants, such as dirt, dust and liquid, can collect.   

Product specifications

Dimensions: 40 x 48 x 6.5

Weight capacity: 2,800 pounds

Trailer capacity: 1,140 XP Grocery pallets fit in one truckload

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