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Gough Econ offers bigger bucket

September 15, 2010
By Bakers Journal

15, 2010, Charlotte, NC – Gough Econ has introduced a new mid-size Elecon
Bucket Conveyor and Elevator System with a larger capacity bucket for higher
throughput and applications beyond typical dry bulk material handling.      

an increased bucket capacity of 495 in3, the new mid-range bucket
elevator offers more than twice the capacity of the original Elecon system. The
bucket elevator can transport loads vertically, horizontally and on an angle up
to 180 degrees, allowing users to modify the conveyor to fit their
facility, rather than adjusting their facility to fit the conveyor.

we offer is a much simpler system with fewer pieces of equipment,” noted Andy
Leitch, vice president of sales for Gough Econ. “It lets users free up critical
floor space since much of the movement can be designed to occur overhead.  Because it’s so flexible, the Gough Elecon
system can virtually handle unlimited circuit designs and configurations.”

system has a patented chain and wedge shaped cantilevered bucket design that come together and overlap at the load or fill station. The rack and pinion system allows
for 360 degree bucket rotation and a quick return to the upright
position for maximum flexibility and full load discharge.

industry applications for the Elecon system include handling items such as
confectionary and snack products. 


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