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Sanitizing made simple with Ultra-Lyte

June 11, 2014
By Bakers Journal

June 11, 2014, Canada – Ultra-Lyte CIP sanitizer is the first industrial cleaner to hit the
market that kills all known bacteria and viruses while being safe to handle with
no personal protection needed

Industries requiring the highest standards of cleanliness have
been looking for a sanitizer that can do the job and be safe to handle. Ultra-Lyte effectively kills all known
bacteria, viruses, mold, as well as the new “Superbugs”. The big difference with
Ultra-Lyte is that this product is safe to handle. It can be sprayed, mopped,
fogged; basically used in any sanitizing application without the need for
personal protective equipment.


Ultra-Lyte is up to 100 times more effective than bleach, 10
times more effective than chlorine dioxide, does not need to be rotated with
any other sanitizer to be effective, and can be used without gloves or face

Ultra-Lyte is environmentally friendly, does not add BOD, is
CFIA and Health Canada (DIN) approved, and EPA certified. As the manufacturer
states: “Ultra-Lyte is an all-natural, green, organic, non-toxic, non-irritant,
environmentally and ecologically safe sanitizing and disinfecting solution. It
is produced from the electrochemical reaction of water, salt and electricity.
The applications for this technology are infinite and include any process
requiring cleaning, disinfecting or sterilizing.”

This patented technology is being touted as one of the most
remarkable products to come along in years. All other sanitizers pose some form
of threat to the operator, equipment, or environment, whereas this unique
product simply does not. 

Ultra-Lyte is an extremely cost effective way for companies
to have a more efficient sanitizing protocol. Product cost reduction,
elimination of shipping, energy savings, and no need for container storage can
all be realized by the product being generated on-site. The process is a self-contained
unit that requires water, salt and energy to produce the final products.

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