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Rademaker to showcase new lines at IBA

September 5, 2023
By Bakers Journal

The Radilinq Rack Loader and Unloader. Photo: Rademaker

Rademaker will showcase its industrial bread line including the latest version of the make-up section, at IBA in Munich in October. This section shapes the dough sheet into a wide range of high quality bread products.

A highlight is the company’s bread rounder, which transforms the baker’s manual rounding technique into a flexible, industrial production solution. It helps bakers achieve consistent, perfectly rounded bread products with unrivalled ease. This advanced machine effortlessly handles long pre-proofed doughs, resulting in high quality rounded artisan breads. It also accommodates firm doughs to produce irresistibly soft, rounded rolls.

After launching its laminating and pastry/croissant lines, Radini is now launching its bread line. This modular dough processing line has a capacity ranging from 400 to 1,200 kilograms of dough per hour. It can process both firm and soft pre-fermented dough. The Radini bread line is designed for semi-industrial production. It allows bakers to exploit the potential of automation while retaining the artisan touch. Production speed and capacity are increased while maintaining flexibility, Rademaker emphasized in a press release.

Flexibility is provided by the modular configuration, which allows multiple compositions. The small footprint bread line can be used to automatically produce a uniform dough sheet for hand-moulded products, resulting in all types of bread.

Radilinq, specialized in dough handling systems, will present its newly designed rack loader and unloader at IBA. The Radilinq Rack Loader and Unloader represents an exciting opportunity for bakeries to further improve their operational efficiency, automate tedious tasks, reduce labour costs and absenteeism with a consistent, reliable output.

Representatives will be demonstrating this modular unit, which can be configured for rack loading, rack unloading or a combination of both.

The Dutch Boulangerie Team will be at the booth shaping and decorating products to demonstrate the possibilities of the Radini lines, a dough sheet or semi-automatic moulded product with a baker’s finishing touch.

Rademaker will be in Hall C2 Stand 350.

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