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Plant-based fat matrix boosts baked goods sensory experience

June 6, 2023
By Bakers Journal

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Gavan Technologies Ltd. of Israel has introduced a series of protein-based fat substitutes that serve as alternatives to butter and other commonly used fats in a variety of bakery products.

FaTRIX, a patented, plant-based fat-protein matrix, is designed to copy the functionality of animal fat. It is fully sustainable, clean label and slashes saturated fat by up to 80, the company said in a press release. It also is trans fat-free.

Gavan is promoting FaTRIX’s potential as a butter replacer for the bakery industry.

The aroma, flavour, tenderness and overall mouthfeel of foods are largely a function of lipids, which typically make up from 10-40 per cent of a product, the release said.


FaTRIX is composed of three natural ingredients. The extracted protein acts as a base upon which plant oil and water are bound, creating a protein-enriched texturized fat.

The fat substitute addresses multiple problems, including sensory appeal and shelf life. It was developed from Gavan’s proprietary waste-free protein-extraction technology designed to extricate the full value of the plant, leaving none of its components redundant while fully maintaining the integrity of the protein’s peptide structure.

The composition of oil and protein ingredients used in a formulation as well as their ratios can be specifically tailored to the food application needs. “Our platform works with all types of plant oils, from olive and sunflower to canola,” said Itai Cohen, Gavan co-founder and CEO. “Some products require 50/50 fat-to-water ratio. Others demand firmer fat integration. We can customize FaTRIX to meet any range.”

In a trial, FaTRIX successfully replaced butter in a soft and airy brioche, yielding a fivefold reduction in saturated fat.

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