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Lower cholesterol butter from Alliance Enterprises

May 10, 2011
By Bakers Journal

May 10, 2011, Sturtevant, WI – Alliance Enterprises has developed a real butter product with one-third less cholesterol than traditional butter.

The additive free butter, which is now available for purchase and private labeling, is made using all-natural patented Benelact technology that reduces cholesterol while retaining taste, texture, functionality and nutrients in various milk products.

“Market research indicates that consumers choose foods based on taste first and health and nutrition second,” said marketing director Brandon Malacara. “Now is the ideal time for processors, retailers and foodservice to offer a lower-cholesterol butter option to customers who seek healthier choices that taste good.”

In a press release, the company explained how the Benelact technology adds no chemicals, plant sterols or preservatives to the butter. “Cholesterol is isolated and extracted via mechanical means using traditional dairy equipment that is already in most dairy plants. All other aspects of the product remain intact,” the release stated.

Companies may purchase reduced cholesterol butter directly from Benelact, purchase reduced cholesterol cream to manufacture their own butter, or purchase Benelact technology that can be installed in a processor’s dairy plant using existing equipment.


The butter can also be customized to meet customer requirements for organic and kosher options.

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