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Olivio creates olive oil-based butter-flavoured spray

October 29, 2018
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of Olivio

Olivio, maker of the margarine and rich butter-alternative spreads, has announced it will now source all of its olive oil directly from California.

With the goal of bringing the experience of Californian olive oil to everyday foods and recipes, each Olivio spread and spray will be made with 100 per cent California olives. Originally created using olives from the Mediterranean, where founder Ned Hentz vacationed with his family, this family-owned brand was founded with the goal of creating an olive-oil based spread that tasted like butter and could be enjoyed at family dinners, brunch with friends, or simply on top of a crusty piece of rustic bread. Staying true to this mission, the brand’s refresh now brings a new experience to dinner tables nationwide: the delicacy of California olive oil.
“In 1993, my father-in-law Lee Iacocca and I combined our desire to start a family business with our passion for food, particularly Italian, to come up with the idea for a buttery spread made with the goodness of olive oil to encourage our friends and family to use more olive oil in their daily lives,” said Ned Hentz, founder of Olivio.

“Little did we know at the time, but once we expanded into California we learned that the same climate that produces some of the best wine in the world also produces exceptional olive oil. As a company dedicated to creating great tasting food, we knew we had an opportunity here to bring the unique flavours of California olive oil to everyday foods. This refresh allows us to give the gift of experience to our consumers through our rich, buttery olive oil spreads.”
All Olivio products, including buttery spreads and sprays, are rich and creamy like traditional butter but spread easily and bring out the flavours found in a wide variety of foods. Olivio’s California olive oil-based products offer the goodness of olive oil but with zero cholesterol, less fat and fewer calories than traditional butter.

The brand’s line of products includes:

  • Olivio Original Buttery Spread – an all-purpose spread with a rich and creamy taste that is perfect for baking, sautéing, on an English muffin, or even better—slathered on crusty hunk of rustic bread.
  • Olivio Light Buttery Spread – a butter-flavoured spread made with 100% California olive oil, but with less fat and fewer calories, making it an ideal addition to freshly-baked muffin or biscuit.
  • Olivio Buttery Spray – a convenient spray that lets bakers control exactly how much savoury flavour they want on their food, with zero calories per serving.

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