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Délice & Création main partner of Pastry World Cup, competition to feature Paris brest and soufflé components

December 20, 2023
By Bakers Journal

Team Japan won its third Pastry World Cup. Here is the team’s frozen desser, a nod to sustinability. PHOTO: Sirha Lyon / Julien Bouvier Studio

Délice & Création has recently become the main partner of the Pastry World Cup.

The Pastry World Cup, gathering pastry chefs worldwide, will bring together pastry professionals, including Julien Alvarez, Alexis Beaufils, Yann Brys and others.

The upcoming European selection of the Pastry World Cup during Sirha Europain on Jan. 21-22, will see seven teams compete and showcase excellence and innovation in contemporary pastry.

The competing teams will have five-and-a-half hours to present the 16 tasting desserts and two artistic pieces, as well as a buffet.

  • 3 frozen desserts with Capfruit fruit puree (+ 1 mock)
  • 3 pastry pieces: Paris-Brest revisited with Elle & Vire dairy products (+ 1 mock)
  • 8 restaurant style desserts incorporating a hot chocolate soufflé Valrhona
  • 1 sugar artistic piece
  • 1 chocolate artistic piece
  • 1 buffet including the artistic sugar and chocolate pieces, the mock frozen dessert and the mock pastry piece

For this 2024 edition, candidates will face a new challenge as they revisit a classic French pastry: the Paris-Brest.

The dessert will be made without moulds or freezing, to enable the Jury to assess the candidates’ technical skills. The pâte à choux will have to be made on stage, in front of the spectators, in a ventilated oven rather than the traditional deck oven. Teams will have to think outside the box, innovate and outdo themselves to reinvent this pastry and win over the Jury.

This year the test will feature a creation incorporating a hot Valrhona chocolate soufflé. For this plated dessert, sent and tasted “à la minute” as in a restaurant, the International Organizing Committee has chosen to impose a minimum of two different textures and temperatures, and to add the integration of a Valrhona chocolate hot soufflé. This new difficulty will force candidates to demonstrate delicacy and concentration, to convey an emotion and offer the Jury a unique and memorable experience.

For more information about the competition, click here.

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