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Birdbath, A Neighbourhood Green Bakery

June 12, 2008
By Colleen Cross


birdbathInside Birdbath
Take a look inside New
York City’s ultimate environmentally friendly bakery. With walls made
of wheat, stools created out of reclaimed tree stumps, countertops made
of recycled paper, and all of this wind-powered, Birdbath has people all
over New York a-buzzing.

birdbath   bb1
Maury Rubin runs Birdbath, New York’s very green, very environmentally-friendly bakery.   Birdbath’s earthy appeal has
customers flocking to the bakery’s two locations (two more locations
are slated to open in New York, and one is planned for Los Angeles).
bb2   bb4
All of Birdbath’s baked goods are either organic, locally sourced, or seasonal — some of them are all three.   What’s behind Birdbath’s name? “I’ve been asked the question 500 times and I still don’t have a good answer,” says Rubin.

Read our interview with Maury Rubin

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Birdbath’s walls are brightened with milk paint, while the flooring, seating and tables are made from reclaimed wood.  

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