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Unifiller collaborates with Unique Sweets Bakery, which hires employees with autism

August 30, 2023
By Bakers Journal

Vancouver – Bakery equipment manufacturer Unifiller recently was featured on the morning show Good Morning America highlighting its collaboration with Unique Sweets Bakery, which employs workers with autism to foster independence, self-assurance and creativity.

Unifiller extended support to a bakery that plays a crucial role in training and employing individuals with autism and diverse behavioural abilities. The heartwarming initiative was made possible by the combined efforts of Unifiller’s team and the show’s creators.

View the video clip here.

Unifiller donated an ELF depositor, bakery equipment that embodies ease and efficiency. The donation was presented to Unique Sweets Bakery, a non-profit establishment founded by Liza Piera in Chicago. The bakery stands for inclusivity, creating a dynamic space where individuals with autism and other disabilities can harness their skills, receive vocational training and enjoy social interactions.


The ethos of Unique Sweets Bakery aligns perfectly with Unifiller’s commitment to fostering independence, self-assurance, and creativity among individuals with autism. Through these opportunities, individuals can acquire essential skills, empower their own journey towards self-sufficiency, and form meaningful connections.

Sonia Bal, Unifiller, said, “Our equipment will integrate into Unique Sweets Bakery, providing an intuitive and user-friendly experience. This addition not only enhances the bakery’s capabilities but also introduces staff members with autism to technology, fostering skill development and growth.”

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