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Ancient grains from Prime Grains

March 11, 2011
By Bakers Journal

March 11, 2011 – Prime Grains Inc. is expanding its products range to include a greater variety of and ancient, healthy whole grains.

Prime Grains was formed by organic farmers to grow and develop markets for the stone-age grain einkorn, which originated over 10,000 years ago as the first human domesticated wheat. To match growing demand for ancient grains, Prime Grains is adding the following products to its offerings:

  • Prime E-Barley, an ancient Ethiopian barley that has been grown in isolation from other barley for thousands of years;
  • Prime Buckwheat, which is a gluten-free pseudo grain being noted for its nutritional and healing properties in various scientific studies;
  • Prime Golden Flax, loaded with omega-3s and fibre; and
  • Prime Heritage Wheat, developed to produce well under natural growing conditions.

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