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ACE Bakery creates Breadblox

October 14, 2019
By Bakers Journal

Can't get friends or family to put their phone down for dinner? ACE Bakery launched a device called the Breadblox, that holds cell phones and blocks signals while its owners sit down and eat. The Breadblox is part of a campaign called "Break for Great Bread," encouraging Canadians to take a break and be mindful.

Conversation starter: The Breadblox, image courtesy of ACE Bakery and

In the wake of the Slow Food movement, there’s more awareness about being fully present with your dinner companions. ACE® Bakery introduces Breadblox™, a device created to allow people to connect with moments that matter by choosing to fully disconnect from their phones.

The Breadblox, image courtesy of ACE Bakery.

Since 1993, for ACE Bakery, time has always been the most vital ingredient to creating remarkable bread. And yet, no matter how you slice it, research shows that a significant barrier to time well-spent around our tables is our mobile phones.

According to a recent study, Canadians check their phones every ten minutes. “It’s no longer enough to put our phones on silent or flip them over to block out distractions,” says Rachel Leung, Senior Brand Manager at Weston Foods in a press release, “In fact just having a phone within sight causes us to not be present for the moments that matter.”

To find a solution to this modern-day problem, Mosaic North America designed the breadblox™, a modern take on a breadbox. Reminiscent of a time when meals featured fewer interruptions, this beautiful countertop accessory houses mobile phones, not bread. Functionally, it silences those nagging beeps and pings to help people be in the moment, for Thanksgiving, and beyond.


Nicole Pekerman, Head of Marketing at Weston Foods said in a press release, “We’ve been listening, and we continue to hear that consumers are busy and time-starved. They feel pulled into multiple directions daily and while they value setting aside quality time, they know it requires commitment.”

While the idea for breadblox™ was sparked in early 2019, following the launch of ACE Bakery’s marketing campaign, “Break for Great Bread™,” the product addresses an existing need in the lives of consumers, to be empowered to create time for themselves and others in a device-free environment.

The development of breadblox™ is ane extension of ACE Bakery’s purpose – to encourage meals as richer connection moments.

An advocate for creating distance between yourself and your phone, Catherine Price, has partnered with ACE Bakery for this project. Price is the author of the internationally acclaimed book How to Break Up with Your Phone.

“I’ve spent the past few years researching our habits — and yes, addictions — when it comes to our phones,” said Catherine Price. “The more I’ve learned, the more concerned I’ve become about the impact that our devices have on our ability to relate to one another in real life. I think that breadblox™ is a creative solution to an increasingly urgent need. It’s not just a physical tool; it’s also a conversation starter.”

Currently available for a limited run, the ACE Bakery breadblox™ retails for $39.95 and is available exclusively online. To purchase or find out more, visit

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