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WNWN cocoa-free chocolate available for wholesale and food service

November 16, 2023
By Bakers Journal

WNWN Food Labs has announced that wholesale packs of its dark and plant-based “m•lk choc” are available to bakeries, restaurants, food service and consumer packaged goods companies worldwide.

Both varieties are now available as easy-melt buttons in 1.5-kilogram pouches, 10-kilogram packs and pallets.

WNWN choc works across all applications, from frozen to baked goods, behaving near-identically to conventional chocolate in its snap, melting properties, texture, viscosity and temper curves, the company said in a press release. A one-for-one replacement, it works in standard manufacturing equipment in place of some or all mass-market, industrialized chocolate.

WNWN’s dark choc has fruity, roasted notes while its m•lk choc is sweeter and creamier with a buttery finish. Both dark and m•lk varieties are dairy-free, palm oil-free, and caffeine-free, in addition to being free from child/slave labour, deforestation, and excessive carbon emissions, the company said.

With an average of just 3.8 kilograms of CO2 emissions per kilogram, compared to more than 40 kilograms for conventional chocolate, WNWN’s choc is designed to help partners hit sustainability targets.

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