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Report: Consumers willing to pay extra for premium chocolate

November 1, 2018
By Bakers Journal

The "Ricarda 20.25" created by Martin Studeny Image courtesy of World Chocolate Masters/Callebaut

Global market research company, Mintel, outlined the latest trends in chocolate and candy.

Although bite-sized Halloween treats sell more vigorously during late October, most Americans still prefer to reward themselves with a small piece of chocolate year-round. 63 per cent of the consumers say the small portion is key to limiting their sugar intake. Parents of children favoured confections sweetened with fruit and made with more natural or “clean label” ingredients.

Mintel’s study suggested that a way for a confectionary to market their intake would involve packaging it in a small, “fun size,” or a single portion mouthful, citing that that format would make a good way to drive increased consumption with consumers “reaching for an extra handful.” Another option of boosting sales could involve adding functional benefits, such as including “good fats,” or adding protein.

The study continued to say that more than 76 per cent of chocolate buyers were willing to pay a little more for premium chocolate. 31 per cent of chocolate consumers were willing to see more unique flavour options.


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