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Ontario red-tape legislation aims to encourage skilled trades

October 19, 2023
By Bakers Journal

The Ontario government has introduced the Less Red Tape, More Common Sense Act, 2023, which, if passed, would help improve services for people and reduce costs for businesses.

This bill is a key part of the province’s Fall 2023 Red Tape Reduction package which also includes several regulatory and policy changes to make it easier to interact with government, resulting in as many as 100,000 hours in time savings for people and businesses each year.

“We are reducing red tape by implementing common sense changes that help create the conditions for people and businesses to thrive,” said Parm Gill, minister of Red Tape Reduction.

The proposed The Less Red Tape, More Common Sense Act contains 32 new burden-reduction initiatives, including creating more pathways into the skilled trades and attracting more apprentices to in-demand trades, preparing Ontario’s workforce for rewarding lifelong careers.


Businesses are encouraged to visit the Red Tape Portal at and submit their ideas on ways the province can continue to make it easier to access services and do business in Ontario.

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