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New Products: January/February 2007

November 7, 2007
By Brooke Shaw

Ticona launches new grade of LCP, New fibre fortification, Valspar keeps Doughboy baking, Simple packaging for delicate products…

ticonaTicona launches new grade of LCP
A new grade of liquid crystal polymer (LCP) for industrial and consumer cooking and baking applications has been introduced by Ticona.  Compared to metal, LCP cookware and bakeware come to temperature more quickly and transfer heat more uniformly, which can increase productivity, decrease burning and result in more even browning.  Another bonus of LCP smallware is the fact that it need never be recoated with fluoropolymer or reglazed with silicone, which metal bakeware and
cookware requires.

New fibre fortification
A proprietary ingredient system to increase fibre content and maintain crispness has been launched by Cargill, expanding its health-promoting solutions portfolio.  “Adding Fiber Krunch crisp to Cargill’s      solutions gives our customers a unique combination of benefits:  crispy texture, stays crispy longer, great taste, 35 per cent dietary fiber, 2.6 kcals/g and easy formulation in many applications to meet consumer needs,” said Peter Nielsen, starch product line manager, Cargill.  The crisp is said to resemble crisped rice, with a neutral colour and taste that “provide versatility for easy and invisible fiber fortification.”

Valspar keeps Doughboy baking
Costly downtime was prevented at the home of the Pillsbury Doughboy when an epoxy flooring system fell apart.  Thermal shock and aggressive cleaning chemicals had caused delamination and pitting; add unmovable line equipment and it looked like the ovens would be shut off at one of the world’s largest food manufacturers.  Valspar Flooring and Duluth Coating Solutions (DCS) brought in their Flowfresh RT polyurethane concrete, which is a heavy duty overlayment ideally suited to the unique demands of food production facilities.  Installed in three days, the new floor has proved its performance claims of high stability under thermal shock, high resistance to organic acids and cleaning chemicals, endurance under heavy forklift traffic, and anti-slip properties in wet conditions to General Mills.  Plus, it has an anti-microbial within the floor that will inhibit bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew.  Visit


Simple packaging for delicate products
A new, horizontal wrapper, developed by Tevopharm, is suitable for handling fragile products such as tray baked goods, biscuits and chocolate confectionery.  The Pack 201 wrapper has speeds ranging from 10 to 250 products per minute and can operate as an individual piece of equipment or part of a larger system.  The company claims because of its simple design, the Pack 201 is easy to maintain, reliable and adaptable.

MLG launches organic sea salt
SOLO Low Sodium Sea Salt is being exclusively distributed in Canada by MLG Enterprises Ltd.  It is totally organic, non-GMO in response to current market trends. For samples, email:

New, improved sugar paste
British Sugar has launched a new variety of sugar paste, claiming a whiter, smoother appearance and better taste.  The decorative Icecraft Sugarpaste, according to the sugar supplier, allows cake makers to produce a process-friendly, better-tasting and more aesthetically pleasing, finished product.  British Sugar hopes that with its whiter and more pliable paste, cake makers will be able to cut down on the use of artificial whiteners, thereby reducing costs.

Label and bake in package
A new, heat-resistant printed film by Sealed Air Cryovac will allow in-store bakeries to bake products in already labelled packaging.  The Cryovac system will allow retailers to place pre-packaged and pre-labelled goods directly into the oven—making production more efficient and operator-friendly.  “Baguettes can be baked for about 10 to 15 minutes and still form a crust.  It takes the same time and gives the same quality,” said the company.  “It gives added value, time saving and allows better hygiene.”  Cryovac added that the main benefit to a bakery was the fact that it wouldn’t have to order bags or films separately.

Sara Lee Soft & Smooth 100% Whole Wheat Bread
Sara Lee is introducing Soft & Smooth 100% Whole Wheat Bread, the first 100 per cent wheat bread that provides families with the taste and texture they prefer and the nutrition they need. In addition, this new bread has the potential to increase the consumption of whole grain in the U.S. by billions of grams per year, if just a small fraction of wheat bread buyers switch to the new product. Research shows that many consumers don’t like the typical grainy texture and bitter taste of 100 per cent whole wheat bread. Sara Lee Soft & Smooth 100% Whole Wheat Bread is the first “no compromise” bread made to please the whole family.

Henny Penny revolutionizes combi-cooking
Foodservice equipment manufacturer  Henny Penny’s next-generation SmartCombi™ line of combi-ovens integrates several significant advances over earlier models, including Advanced Steam Technology™.  Promising better food quality and increased efficiency through greater control of the relative moisture and cooking climate, the new SmartCombi™ models also include self-cleaning systems, auto-reverse fans to circulate heat more evenly and option cooking pans to increase overall capacity by more than 50 per cent. For more information, please visit

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