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New Products: March 2007

November 7, 2007
By Brooke Shaw

Labels on demand, NOKA keepsake Encore Box™, Certified organic Soy ProFiber…

labelnpLabels on demand
Primera Technology, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of specialty printing equipment, launched the LX400 Color Label Printer, perfect for full-colour, high-resolution, short-run bakery labels on demand.  This inkjet printer can handle semi- and high-gloss materials in both paper and polyester, and printed labels are virtually water- and scratchproof.  Label size can be as small as .75" (19 mm) wide and long, up to a maximum of 4" (101.6 mm) wide and 24" (609.6 mm) long.  The LX400 is both Mac and Windows compatible. 
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NOKA keepsake Encore Box™
Presentation of NOKA chocolates is now a ceremony of gift-giving with the new black and silver Encore Box™.  It is a unique and elegantly designed gift box with a hinged, telescoping lid that encourages an appreciation by all the senses, including the eyes, nose, taste and texture of the enclosed chocolate and truffles.   For more information, visit the Current Links section at

Certified organic Soy ProFiber
Made from certified organic yellow soybean hulls, with a small percentage of soybeans for added protein, SK Food International’s instant soybean fibre is natural, with no additives or preservatives and can be used in baked goods to increase the nutritional value.  It has a low water absorption capacity, neutral taste and slight, nutty aroma, along with the ability to blend easily with other ingredients.  For more information, visit the Current Links section at


Yeast extract new way to cut salt, keep flavour
Savoury Systems International (SSI) has expanded its range of salt replacers with a natural yeast extract designed for use in creating breads, specialty breads and pizza crust doughs.  SSI claims the ingredients preserve the flavour while allowing manufacturers to cut sodium levels and still retain the fluffy texture of the dough.  SSI’s replacer 886 can be dosed at a 1:3 ratio in white and specialty breads, and does not work against the active yeast of a dough system.

Nutritious, low-phytate dough
Researchers from the University of Idaho and the U.S. Agricultural Research Service have tested flours from newly developed varieties of low-phytate, high-phosphorus wheat, and found that they can produce a better-quality dough than generic varieties. In addition to its process-tolerant properties, the low-phytate bread hard wheats promise consumers additional nutritional benefits – allowing manufacturers to market the wheat-derived bakery products from a health platform.

Combo pump and depositor
Megart Systems’ new combination transfer pump and metering depositor allows bakers to quickly, easily and accurately scale flowable batter right from the mixing bowl.  With this unit, you can wheel your mixing bowl into position, lower the transfer pump into the batter and deposit precise weights directly into cake pans, pie shells or muffin tins.  It responds to manual or automatic activation, or can be used with a conveyor.  For more information, visit the Current Links section at

Kosher anti-stick agent
Ordan Thermal Products Ltd., a manufacturer and supplier of combustion heat
processing equipment, controls, and high-temperature lubricants for the baking industry, has launched E-Z Bake Release, a Kosher, food grade, anti-stick release agent and lubricant designed to prevent baked goods from sticking to surfaces during the baking process.  It is accepted by the FDA for use in food processing areas as a release agent with incidental food contact. For more information, visit the Current Links section at

Squeeze Rig reduces waste, costs
Stable Micro Systems has developed the Bread V Squeeze Rig, designed for packaged loaves, which determines bread softness and freshness – negating the need for samples, reducing waste and cost in industrial production. Traditionally, the test involved pinching part of the loaf in a “Palmer grasp,” between the thumb and forefinger.  The Rig mimics this movement non-destructively – the more force needed to compress the bread, the more springy and therefore, fresh it is.

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