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New Products: June 2007

November 6, 2007
By New Products

Sugar-free cookies launched at SIAL 2007, New, all-natural cookie line from Nutrifrance, Tarte Cake newest frozen treat from Mix, New system for vegetable whipping creams, Salt reduction technology from INNOVA, MeadowPure™ combines flaxseed, fish oil, Mirel™ a plastic miracle of bioscienceCoaGel™ new butter substitute for baking, Moisture-resistant sugar new for bakers, Mag-nifique™ sweetens Wixon portfolio

npcookieSugar-free cookies launched at SIAL 2007
Boulangerie St. Donat of Quebec unveiled a new line of sugar-free cookies, using pureed dates and unsweetened applesauce instead. The frozen cookie dough, in fruit (apple, date, nuts and raisins), cranberry white chocolate, and double-chocolate, comes in four-kilogram containers, with a shelf life of six months. For more information, visit:

New, all-natural cookie line from Nutrifrance
Under the trade name of Olivier Bouvai, Nutrifrance Ltd. of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que., has launched an all-natural, Kosher, frozen cookie dough. Trans fat-free, containing no chemical agents, it also has less water, allowing for a higher proportion of fruit, nuts and other ingredients. The pre-portioned dough does not require defrosting; baking time is eight minutes. In eight flavours, the dough lasts one year frozen, three months refrigerated, and baked cookies, five to seven days. In Ontario, the product is distributed by Glen Echo Fine Food. For more information, visit:

Tarte Cake newest frozen treat from Mix
Mix Fooding – Les aliments Mix Fooding of Quebec – introduced Tarte Cake at SIAL 2007 in Montreal, in four flavours: apple-caramel, red berry-caramel, raisin-carob, and lemon-cranberry. The frozen cakes are available in three sizes – 10- and six-inch round cakes, as well as a 12 x 16-inch tray.


Free of trans and saturated fats, the cakes are made with all-natural ingredients. For more information, visit:

New system for vegetable whipping creams
Danisco has launched a new emulsifier and stabilizer system for vegetable-based whipping cream, the new Grindsted WP 950. The company says it has benefits compared with both dairy cream and other vegetable alternatives, overcomes previous challenges manufacturers faced when producing whipped vegetable cream, and delivers an authentic end-result and taste. A major selling point, compared to butterfat-based cream, is that Danisco’s cream is generally stiffer, making it more effective for cake decoration since it will keep its shape and cakes will last longer on the shelves. It also prevents syneresis – a problem caused by water leaking from the cream. The final product is also significantly more stable at ambient temperatures than butterfat-based cream and maintains low viscosity – making storage and distribution easier.

Salt reduction technology from INNOVA
With growing pressure on food processors to deliver healthier foods featuring lower salt content, INNOVA’s new SaltSavor™ salt reduction technology stimulates taste receptors without the need for high sodium. The company claims it is effective in a variety of applications that require 25 to 50 per cent salt reduction, and meets manufacturers’ needs for natural, clean-label flavourings. For more information, visit:

MeadowPure™ combines flaxseed, fish oil
Pizzey’s Milling, headquartered in Manitoba, has added a new blend of premium milled flaxseed and fish oil to its MeadowPure™ line of novel ingredients. The 03 Ultra offers the benefits of all three Omegas – ALA from flaxseed, along with DHA and EPA from fish oil. The very high antioxidant acid content of the flaxseed acts as a natural stabilizer for the fish oil, giving the ingredient a shelf life of up to one year, without compromising taste or the smell of the food.  For more information, visit:

Mirel™ a plastic miracle of bioscience
Metabolix Inc., a leader in the use of bioscience to provide sustainable, clean solutions for plastics, fuels and chemicals, and ADM, a global leader in bio-energy and agricultural processor, are joint processors of Mirel™ Natural Plastics.  Mirel is a family of high-performance, natural plastics that are bio-based, sustainable and completely biodegradable. Mirel is a versatile brand of natural plastics produced from renewable resources like corn sugar that provide an alternative to traditional, oil-based plastics. Unlike oil-based plastics, Mirel will biodegrade harmlessly back to nature in a wide range of environments, such as soil, compost, rivers, and oceans. Mirel can be used as an alternative to petroleum-based plastic in a wide variety of conversion processes, including injection molding, paper coating, cast film and sheet, blown film, and thermoforming. For more information, visit:

CoaGel™ new butter substitute for baking
CoaGel Corporation, of Guelph, Ont., has launched a new shortening alternative – CoaGel™ – containing 50 per cent fewer calories than ordinary shortening, no trans fat, and no imported palm fat. The highly functional baking fat uses locally grown soybean oil and a food grade emulsifier derived from soybeans. The product’s creaming ability, ability to incorporate air, film-forming characteristics and material handling issues allow CoaGel to excel as a baking fat and highly functional alternative to ordinary shortenings. “CoaGel helps bakeries eliminate and reduce trans and saturated fats while supporting local agriculture and agri-food industries,” said Steve Bernet, president of CoaGel Corporation.  For more information, contact Bernet at 519-766-9474.

Moisture-resistant sugar new for bakers
United Kingdom processor, British Sugar, has a new line of moisture-resistant sugar for bakers, which it claims can prolong shelf life and improve product quality. The MR sugar has been formulated to provide bakers with a healthier product that contains non-hydrogenated vegetable oil, free from trans fats. It does not dissolve at the same rate as standard decorative sugars, making it suitable for cakes, pastries and desserts – its particle size being similar to caster sugar.

Mag-nifique™ sweetens Wixon portfolio
A new flavour modifier, Mag-nfique™ Sweet Lift, enhances the sweetness of any food or beverage containing sugar, according to Wixon, while reducing the sugar content. The product is a convenient means to maintain the quality of manufacturers’ and chefs’ dishes, with less sugar. According to Wixon, Mag-nifique Sweet Lift does not break down or alter its flavour in cooking, freezing or shelf-life applications. For more information, please visit:

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