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New health service for employees launches in Canada

February 23, 2016
By Laura Aiken

Toronto – YourNurse is a new service that provides physical and mental health services for employees while having a single-point of contact and transparency for employers.

“Employees shouldn’t have to struggle to get the help they need and employers shouldn’t be left in the dark about how the benefit programs they’ve purchased are being used,” said Jamie Marcellus, president of First Health Care and a registered nurse, in the news release.

The program is set-up so employees access all services through a single toll-free telephone number and speak with a nurse who will seek to get the right emotional, physical and/or social support needed to address theirs concerns holistically.

“Employees face physical, psychological and emotional challenges that impact their health, well-being and engagement at work. We provide YourNurse as a fully integrated service because we want to make it as uncomplicated and seamless as possible for employees to get the help they need and remain productive in their jobs,” Marcellus said in the release.


YourNurse is designed to provide clear reporting that shows every interaction as well as outcomes to help organizations understand their employee population.

“We take the guesswork out of what counts as utilization,” Marcellus said in the release. “Under our model, organizations are able to understand and unlock value, as well as have the option of usage-based pricing.”

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