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Meet the Inspirational Bakery of 2021!

June 28, 2021
By Bakers Journal

Image courtesy of Best Kind Bakery, Carly and Mark Burton

The winners of the inaugural Inspirational Bakery Contest (formerly known as the Jake the Baker contest) impressed the judges with their story of resilience, and innovation.

Carly and Mark Burton were both laid off during the pandemic but put their spare time to good use by starting up an online bakery. That’s not all: The bakery has a low footprint, delivering to local areas around Vancouver, or can be picked up at the curbside by customers. The oven is only on long enough to bake the breads and pastry from the commissary kitchen, saving energy. Best Kind eliminates food waste by taking orders online prior to baking day.

Best Kind Bakery also prevents food waste by taking orders in advance, ensuring that only enough ingredients are used to prevent loss, and by making the goods to order, there is no overstock.

Meet the winners of this year’s Inspirational Bakery contest: Best Kind Bakery of Vancouver, BC:

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