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Europain exhibition returns to France in 2014

July 17, 2013
By Bakers Journal

July 17, 2013, France – Europain & Intersuc are holding the four-day event in a 68,000m2 venue, Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre, on March 8 to 12, 2014.

Discover the lastest innovations through the Place des Innovations (or the Road to Success), and the best up-coming baking and pastry-making trainees will be presented at the Rue des Ecoles. The Europain Innovation Trophy will also reward the world’s best creators of the industry.

The international business event for the bakery and pastry sectors
Of the 82,690 visitors who attended the show in 2012, the largest share consisted of artisan bakers & pastry-makers (36 per cent), followed by industrialists (11.7 per cent), distributors/wholesalers (9.7 per cent) and restaurant owners (7.4 per cent).
The bakery sector is undergoing profound change and is rapidly becoming the leading outlet for lunch. Of course, bakeries still sell bread, but also sandwiches, different types of pastries, sweets, beverages and hot meals at all times of the day.

Seven trends to get a better understanding of the bread market

The event will put a spotlight on seven major contemporary trends that is designed to help professionals reinvent their offering and prepare their visit:

1) Bakeries for all-day consumption: Consumers want to eat quickly on the spot or to take away, at all times of the day.

2) I can get things that are good for me at the bakery: Health and well-being are synonymous with fresh, quality products; an essential aspect that is increasingly guiding consumers’ choices.

3) Design, collections & perfect matches to enhance taste: Loaves to suit each season, with changing colours, flavours and smells. Bakers offer daring combinations and surprising shapes.

4) Faster, more practical and without compromising quality:Bakers are looking for high-performance appliances that simplify their work and increase their productivity.

5) Industrial innovation “au naturel” for new sensations: “E-free” ranges and “Clean Label” ingredients deliver the best taste while addressing growing food- allergy issues.

6) Pastries become lighter and go on the move:Pastry classics are revisited in miniature sizes and versions that blend lightness and design.

7) “Smart breaking”: optimising lunch breaks: Consumers want to relax in a very short space of time, while staying connected during their lunch break.

Innovations and new products in the forefront

Visitors will have the opportunity to discover the sector’s new products and latest innovations under the same roof. The Place des Innovations area will present exhibitors’ new products and the Europain Innovation Trophy and Intersuc Collections award-winners. The Road to Success will feature outlet concepts to give visitors an idea of the real thing. Lastly, the Rue des Ecoles will give centre stage to the best up-coming baking and pastry-making trainees.

Top-level competitions and international talent
The candidates taking part in Europain’s prestigious competitions are bursting with energy and creativity – visitors will have the privilege of admiring the world’s best bakers and pastry-makers demonstrating their skills. These exceptional competitions reflect the talent and passion to be found in this buzzing industry:

Bakery Masters

This competition brings together the 24 best candidates from the Louis Lesaffre Cups held in 2009 & 2011 and the 2012 Bakery World Cup. During the Bakery Masters, they will compete with one another in three categories (bread, Viennese pastry and artistic creations) to win the prestigious title of Master Baker.

International Confectionery Art Competition

This is the only international competition involving mixed teams (16), which will have 20 hours to prepare 13 edible works of art. A jury consisting of the best pastry chefs will judge the different creation on the menu of this international competition: chocolate sweets, sugar creation, and plate desserts.

French Schools Cup

The theme of this competition, involving teams of three young trainees (which must include at least one woman), is artisan baking and pastry-making. It will put the spotlight on training institutions (secondary schools and training centres for apprentices), which train tomorrow’s bakers and pastry-makers.

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