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DuPont whips up plant-based dairy alternative

March 21, 2019
By Bakers Journal

Photo by Irita Antonevica

Vegan-friendly and plant-based creams are gaining popularity in the baking industry, and Dupont Nutrition & Health is applying for a patent for its Grindsted line of dairy alternatives.

The advantages to this line of dairy-alternatives — aside from the current trend towards plant friendly ingredients — is that it’s marketed as being process tolerant and does not interact negatively with other ingredients. Another advantage might be its cost-effective advantage over animal-based dairy products.

Grindsted LBG can be applied to products such as ice cream, sauces, dressings, dairy desserts,  fruit preparations, beverages and cream cheese. The Grindsted line features seven variations, including the Grindsted LBF-Organic label, which can applied to strict organic food products.

The line also includes Meyprodyn, a cold soluble for unheated products, that can be applied to dairy desserts and liquids such as sauces, drinks and dressings.


DuPont Nutrition & Health uses locust bean gum, which is an all natural vegetable gum extract from the seeds of the carob tree. The company claims to be the largest producer of locust bean gum and states it has more than 60 years of experience manufacturing locust bean gum products.

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