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DuPont creates ascorbic acid alternative

October 12, 2018
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The rising costs of ascorbic acid have prompted baking industry manufacturers to search for an affordable alternative dough strengthener, a problem for which DuPont has found a solution.

DuPont has produced Hexose Oxidase as an alternative to ascorbic acid for bakery products. Unlike existing oxidative enzymes, the hexose oxidase technology present in the DuPont™ Danisco® GRINDAMYL™ SUREBake product range can utilize many different sugar molecules as a substrate rather than just glucose alone. This helps improve the gluten network in dough systems through oxidization during mixing and fermentation, forming stronger bonds between the gluten, thereby giving a better production with a drier dough and thus no stickiness issue.

The GRINDAMYL™ SUREBake product range can be used in any process where flour requires an extra oxidative effect to create the desired properties and improvement of flours. The Hexose Oxidase provides an excellent dough strengthening effect in the presence of oxygen and react with either mono or disaccharides – unlike glucose oxidase, which is more dependent on flour variations and procedures.

Hexose oxidase has a strong affinity for its substrates, which makes it a powerful biological oxidant. The strengthener can also be used in various procedures where a highly stable system is required, such as frozen dough.
The GRINDAMYL™ SUREBake product range promises to improve the following factors:

  • Increased tolerance towards variations in processing parameters
  • Reduced dough stickiness
  • Increased water absorption
  • Supplementation of chemical oxidants (including ascorbic acid, ADA etc)
  • Improved shape and dimensions of the final bread product
  • Increased bread volume

 “The price of ascorbic acid is still rising,” said Lee Lai See, Food Enzyme Business Director for ASPAC, in a press release. “By using GRINDAMYL™ SUREBake, bakers will be able to reduce their production cost while maintaining the dough processability with improved baking performance such as better water absorption that result in bigger bread volumes.” she added.

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