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Veripan develops sourdough biopreservative

January 22, 2018
By Bakers Journal

Matzingen, Switzerland – Swiss manufacturer Veripan has developed a biopreservative it calls a “breakthrough” in giving bakery products long shelf life without the use of chemical preservatives, dough conditioners or undesirable off-flavours.

The preservative, called Panatura Protect, allows manufacturers to remove undesirable chemicals from their formulations and replace them with a consumer-friendly and ecologically sustainable sourdough, the company said in a press release.

“Panatura Protect is the Holy Grail for the packed bread industry, due to its natural ingredients, high effectiveness and no flip-side,” said Meiert J. Grootes, chief executive officer of Veripan, in the release.

The product was developed using the company’s proprietary fermentation technology. It uses special types of baker’s yeast in a symbiotic combination with naturally occurring lactic acid bacteria and Propionibacterium, Veripan said.


A shelf-life of 20 days or more at ambient temperature can be achieved for the final bakery product. The length of shelf life potentially achieved depends on packaging, moisture content and pH of the final bakery product.

The product was tested extensively in house using industrial trials and through shelf-life studies carried out with major customers, according to the release.

Panatura long-fermented sourdough can be used for production of all yeast-raised bakery goods such as sandwich loaves, baguettes, ciabatta, hamburger buns and rolls. They can be produced by automatic machinery or traditional craft.

The breads and bakery products can still be produced efficiently and without any bread improvers or dough conditioners.

It is suited for delayed and interrupted fermentation methods, par baking, refrigeration and deep-freezing systems.

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