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Sweegen’s high-intensity sweetener brazzein commercially available

February 2, 2022
By Bakers Journal

Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif. – Sweegen has announced the commercialization of its new high-intensity sweetener brazzein.

Starting this month, food and beverage brands seeking new ways to create better-for-you and reduced sugar products can begin product development activities with the wellness ingredient company’s Ultratia brazzein.

Samples are ready for brands interested in expanding their sugar reduction toolkits with cost-competitive ingredients to sugar. Brazzein is 500 to 2,000 times sweeter than regular sugar and low-calorie, making it an excellent alternative to sugar, artificial sweeteners, and old generation nature-based sweeteners such as stevia rebaudioside A.

Ultratia brazzein is designed to help brands improve the health profile of existing and new food and beverage products.

It is a protein sweetener that promises little to no bitter aftertaste and helps reduce sweet linger, thereby reducing the taste challenges that have historically been a problem in the natural sweetener space, according to the company’s release.

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