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Restaurants Canada suggests Revival Measures in response to federal budget

May 11, 2021
By Bakers Journal

Though Restaurants Canada expressed gratitude in a press release regarding the federal government’s commitment to various initiatives to boost the economy, the association asks for more sector-specific support.

“We appreciate that the government has listened to our industry and others and is extending the critically necessary rent and wage subsidies beyond June,” said Restaurants Canada President and CEO Todd Barclay in a statement. “These programs are providing a lifeline to restaurants and other small businesses across the country. But our especially hard-hit industry is going to need more sector-specific support to continue reviving main streets and help the government keep its throne speech promise to bring a million Canadians back to work.”

Restaurants Canada has been advocating for a framework that responds beyond emergency measures. With Small Business Minister Mary Ng taking part in the Restaurant Revival Working Group, the association plans to discuss recommendations key government policymakers.

The proposed Revival Measures that would affect bakeries and cafés are:

  • An expansion of the current “meals and expenses” business tax credit: A temporary expansion of this existing tax credit from 50 per cent to its original 100 per cent to encourage businesses to boost restaurant spending after more than a year of reduced downtown dining.
  • A culinary tourism incentive for the 2021 and 2022 tax years: Similar to the travel incentive implemented in New Brunswick, which included rebates for restaurant spending, this would encourage Canadians to travel locally and across the country to help support and celebrate our diverse restaurants and the critical role they play contributing to vibrant communities.
  • The removal of merchant fees from the tax portion of restaurant bills: This currently allows credit card companies to profit from the taxes collected by business owners on behalf of the government and needlessly discourages restaurant spending.

For more information on the Restaurant Revival Working Group, click |HERE|

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