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ICICLE’s new traceability feature to address recall challenges

March 17, 2016
By Laura Aiken

Richmond, B.C. − Icicle Technologies launched its new enhanced traceability feature for the ICICLE food safety management system.

Designed to seamlessly integrate enhanced traceability technology with a core food safety management system, ICICLE is striving to bring food safety excellence within affordable reach for small to mid-sized food facilities, from local farms to specialty food manufacturers to food processing plants, reports the company in a news release.

ICICLE’s enhanced traceability cycle includes four essential components: receiving, production runs, shipping, and recalls. As ingredients arrive at a facility and are transformed into products, ICICLE’s traceability capabilities monitors every step of the process by tracking specific lots of incoming ingredients through to specific lots of outgoing products, thereby providing the necessary data to pinpoint and retrieve products should they need to be recalled.

The new enhanced traceability feature follows the release of ICICLE’s Smart Process and Hazard Suggestion intelligent algorithm earlier this year.

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