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Grain Growers of Canada kicks off National Grain Week with call for support of Bill C-234

March 29, 2023
By Colleen Cross

Ottawa – To mark National Grain Week, the Grain Growers of Canada urges all political parties to support Bill C-234, an amendment to the Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act that seeks to extend the exemption for qualifying farming fuel to marketable natural gas and propane, which would fuel innovation and benefit Canadian farmers.

“As we gather in Ottawa for National Grain Week, we’re reminded of the crucial role that Canadian farmers play in feeding our country and the world,” said Andre Harpe, GGC chair.

“By extending the exemption for qualifying farming fuels to natural gas and propane, this amendment will unlock innovation and drive sustainable growth in the sector. We urge all political parties to support this important legislation and demonstrate their commitment to the needs of Canadian farmers.”

Farmers incur a carbon price when using natural gas and propane for necessary farming practices such as grain drying, land irrigation, and heating or cooling their barns. As there are no viable alternatives, pricing these activities does not provide a signal to lower emissions from these sources. Bill C-234 will allow farmers to invest in practices that drive innovation and new efficiencies that reduce fuel usage by putting money back in their hands.

“C-234 is a cornerstone of our work this week,” Harpe said. “Unlocking innovation is key to achieving sustainability in agriculture. Carbon surcharges on necessary farm activities only add to the financial strain and divert capital away from critical investments.”

During National Grain Week, GGC members from across the country gather in Ottawa to share their diverse experiences and perspectives with parliamentarians. GGC is bringing together farmer members, parliamentarians and legislators to discuss and promote policies that align with the federal government’s goals and the sector’s unique needs and opportunities.

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