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FarinoGraph tests flour using artificial intelligence

September 1, 2023
By Bakers Journal

Brabender’s updated FarinoGraph uses artificial intelligence to determine flour’s water absorption capacity and dough’s rheological attributes.

The Farinograph has been successfully and permanently used in the milling and baking industry since 1928.

The AI-driven Brabender Prediction feature predicts measurement curves and makes the most of test execution. The AutoStop function reduces measurement time by ending the process when evaluation points are reached.

Its compact format saves space and helps ensure the availability of spare parts. The device accommodates various dough types, from gluten-free to hard wheat, offering versatility for different needs. The AquaInject accessory further streamlines testing with automated water dosing, ensuring precision and convenience.


The EvaluationEditor and SmartCorrelation functions enable personalized mathematical assessments of measured values and efficient data comparisons. The MetaBridge software enhances user experience by providing remote access, quick support and data transfer between devices.

As the first step in a three-phase system, the FarinoGraph helps map bakery and pasta production on a laboratory scale. This comprehensive solution encompasses the Extensograph and Amylograph stages, predicting dough properties and analyzing starch characteristics.


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