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Celebrate #SourdoughSeptember: Raise awareness and create buzz at your bakery

September 1, 2023
By Bakers Journal

San Francisco sourdough. Photo: Badger International

If you run a bakery, bakery-café, baking school, mill, baking business or organization, the Real Bread campaign, based in the U.K., will help you share details of your #SourdoughSeptember activities and provide tools to help you raise awareness of this revered leavening technique.

You are invited to post details of your activities in the Real Bread calendar.

Ideas for events/activities you can organize include:

  • Give away (or make a small charge for) pots of sourdough starter.
  • Showcase a different sourdough bread on your menu each week and offer tasters.
  • Run a sourdough baking class or Q-and-A or troubleshooting session.
  • Organize a social event for people who’ve attended one of your sourdough baking classes in the past.
  • Join forces with a local brewer, charcutier, pickler and cheese maker to: run a feast of fermentation, create a local food box for people to order online, or lay a fermented food trail between your shops.

The campaign encourages bakers to download a guide to making sourdough as well as other promotional materials to raise awareness and create a buzz about sourdough at your bakery.


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