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Editorial: May 2019

May 2, 2019
By Bakers Journal

Bakery Showcase a sign of spring

Spring is in the air, and with it, the promise of change.  Students are graduating from culinary schools, those looking for a career change are enrolling in culinary schools and seasoned chefs are changing their offerings to reflect fresher, or more daring ingredients.

Among the new ingredients making their debut on menus this time of year, and the news of all “herbs” is cannabis. While some bakeries are not interested in baking with marijuana, some see this as an opportunity to break into a burgeoning market. Whether a loaded brownie is intended for recreational use, or is simply infused with cannabidiol for a non-psychoactive reaction, there are many applications for new bakers or experienced pastry chefs to use cannabis. Some may opt to bake with CBD to launch their products into the functional line of baked goods offering pain-relief while others may choose to THC-infused goods to enhance a dining experience with a psychotropic edge. There is a lot to learn, and baking with cannabis is still a young field.

Educational panels are where the Baking Association of Canada shines: This month, industry leaders will discuss the legalities of working with the still stigmatized ingredient. The Bakery Showcase features a talk “Baking with Cannabis” as a topic, and will shed light on related issues, such as its import and export of baked goods and what the regulatory changes mean for labelling an adults-only treat. For those looking to change careers or improve their current baking business, the Bakery Showcase has options for everyone.

 Industry leaders from ingredient providers to kitchen equipment manufacturers come from across Canada, and even from around the world to share and learn. This year’s trade show offers more than the technological or commercial concerns for the modern baker. This year, issues such as the labour shortage and online opportunities are coming to light.


The human touch is what makes the food industry so special. Bakers connect to their communities in ways other companies do not. The Jake The Baker Award winners were selected for what they do for their neighbours, outside of providing innovative or nostalgic treats. (Discover the winner in next month’s issue!) Founding Sponsor Ardent Mills and Gold Sponsor Ireks appreciate the efforts that each baker puts into their feeding their clients and their community, and without the support of these partners, the Jake the Baker Award wouldn’t be able to encourage the bakers who sustain people.

Food creates memories, like a romantic dessert shared with a loved one, being offered a treat from a parent who brought you a freshly baked good as a reward, or a neighbourhood baker who asks about your family when you return for more.  These are the personal touches that set baking apart from any other trade.

Inside this issue, you will find articles that touch on concerns that the Bakery Showcase will address this year: Hiring for skill instead of being wooed by a résumé. How to make decisions that will increase your bottom line: From Diane Chiasson’s article on using the “Golden Triangle” on your menu to get attention to Matt Baird’s article, “Cheap, Fast or Good?” Bakers Journal explores all the facets of food industry concerns.

Whether you are considering jumping into entrepreneurial waters, or testing your skill with new classes, I hope this spring-themed May issue will help you make the right leap forward.

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