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DecoPac shares decorating trends for 2022

January 3, 2022
By Bakers Journal

Photo: DecoPac

DecoPac shared its decorating trends for 2022 during a recent webinar.

They include intimate gatherings, where a sense of abundance can be evoked through luxurious finishes, origami stars, modern calligraphy, crystallized sugar, dark chocolate, gingko leaves, pleated fans and the sharing of gifts.

Photo: DecoPac

“Midnight Chorus” is all about embracing maximalism as nature and technology combine to create an immersive, otherworldly experience. It can be brought to life through edible flowers, gourmet delicacies, iridescence, brave colour combinations, drama and mystery, edible glitter and wispy feathers.

Another theme, “Euphoric release,” is about being unapologetically exuberant styles to tap into customers’ need for escapism and optimism with designs that demand attention and bring pleasure. The underlying idea is that we’ve all earned the right to greet the year with a little attitude! Inspiration includes upcycled marbling and terrazzo, photo collages, bold florals and geometric patterns and metallics.


The webinar shared suggestions for using the company’s themed collections to celebrate Valentine’s Day at your bakery.

This year Valentine’s is for everyone, not just those in a romantic relationship. It’s about being kind to everyone – including yourself – and making those around you feel appreciated and loved.

In the “Connected” theme, mineral and digital aspects combine to create new symbols of love that are tactile and warm. One way to bring this theme to life is in a small, square cake sized for an intimate Valentine’s moment. The cake represents an airbrushed quartz rock candy with edible décor.

Crystallized sugar provides a sparkling embellishment and cool mineral colours mix with metallics to bring warmth to the cake. Flavour options include crème de menthe, salted caramel, pistachio butter and caramel. In a nod to the theme of “Euphoria” mentioned earlier, bakers can make imperfect hearts using an angled spatula.

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