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Cupcake craze to continue?

January 30, 2009
By Brian Hartz

Jan. 30, 2009 – Last week was a big one for cupcakes in Toronto. I had the good fortune to attend a cupcake decorating class at Madeleines, Cherry Pie and Ice Cream in the Annex, and then, a couple of days later, Cupcake Camp at an art studio in Leslieville. The latter event was packed with people about as tightly as you can get without being at a rock concert, and they roared with hungry approval every time a new batch of cupcakes was trotted out to be discussed and then consumed. It was all quite spectacular for a wintry Sunday afternoon, and it got me wondering if this cupcake craze will still have legs, as they say, as the economy continues to trend downward in 2009. Last July, Bakers Journal’s cover story was about Vancouver’s Cupcakes by Heather and Lori , which has spun off some franchises and by all accounts is still going strong.

But will such bakeries continue to grow, let alone survive, as the
novelty wears off and the economy forces consumers back to basics and,
in some cases, into their kitchens to bake their own cupcakes? Will
they need to diversify to maintain their position in the market, or is
the cupcake craze more than just a fad? Let us know your thoughts.

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