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Covid-19 Business Strategies

August 17, 2020
By Shelley Armato

Leadership during a time of crisis

The rules of business have changed overnight, and many are struggling.

The following 5 strategies will help you persevere through any challenge.

1. Be tenacious
If you feel your tenacity wavering, pick a mantra that is powerful and motivating for you and play it on a loop in your mind. Some mantras leaders use are, “never give up,” “tough times don’t last; tough people do,” and “persistence breaks down resistance.”

2. consider past challenges
By working through past setbacks, you learned some important skills. The skills you’ve honed over the years during other challenges are the same that will get you through the current crisis.


3. Get uncomfortable
During times of crisis, you will need to try new things. For example, many business owners are now doing live videos on social media to stay in front of customers and prospects. During any crisis, “business as usual” isn’t enough. Think of things you can do to keep your company in your customers’ minds.

4. Reinvent yourself
Reinvent or reposition your message and your offerings. The key is to locate your client’s pain. Deliver solutions to meet their needs. This requires only a slight pivot, not a 180-degree change. You already know how; you did it when starting your business.

5. Protect your company’s culture
This requires you to model strength for your employees, and to communicate honestly and often with them. The goal is to keep fear at a minimum and to make your employees feel safe. Listen to their ideas. Ensure they feel part of the team and valued.

Embrace Challenges
Often, the best innovations come during crisis. Assess the situation, determine where your business can add value, and then take action using these outlines strategies. When you do, you’ll find that your company can weather any obstacle and emerge as the marketplace leader.

Shelley Armato is CEO at MySmartPlans, a provider of best-in-class SaaS construction technology that eliminates risk, creates transparency and protects the budget. She provides professional construction services to some of the most prestigious business owners in the healthcare, scholastic, government, and other commercial market sectors. Contact her at

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