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CakeOMETER designed for consistent, repeatable cake-baking results

April 1, 2022
By Bakers Journal

CakeOMETER allows batter to baked thermal profiling for consistent cake baking results.

ECD BakeWATCH is launching the CakeOMETER to help solve the dilemma of accurate temperature sensor placement and stability within cake batter to allow cake bakeries of all sizes to generate reliable in-oven temperature data for high-quality, repeatable cake production.

The device, which has a unique fixture design, is part of the company’s range of sensor devices for the commercial and artisan baking industries.

To compensate for the low viscosity of cake batter, CakeOMETER is designed with four base legs that remain on the pan bottom for stability, while the three probes are adjusted and connected to a M.O.L.E. data recorder to measure various baking conditions:

  • The ambient probe simplifies the tracking of consistent oven temperature.
  • The depth gage insertion probe, held in a position within the batter just above the bottom of the pan, measures cake internal temperature at one depth.
  • A third insertion probe, placed slightly higher in the batter, validates even heating throughout the cake.

Highly versatile, the all-in-one CakeOMETER solution can be used in round or rectangular pans with a six-inch width minimum. The sensor device integrates with ECD BakeWATCH 3-channel V-M.O.L.E. and 6-channel SuperM.O.L.E. Gold2 thermal profilers for data collection. This enables bakeries that already use M.O.L.E. technology for other baked goods profiling to seamlessly integrate CakeOMETER into their operations.


CakeOMETER will be available for pre-orders beginning April 15, 2022, and more information is available here. For those interested in seeing CakeOMETER in action, join Dr. Lin Carson of BAKERpedia for a live “Thermal Profiling for Cakes” seminar on April 7, 2022. Reserve a seat by registering here.

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