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Bakery Showcase Spotlight: The Art and Business of Baking with Cannabis

February 28, 2022
By Bakers Journal

Toronto – In what promises to be a hot topic at Bakery Showcase, this roundtable discussion brings together experts in cannabis education and licensing. Pull up a chair to get these and other questions answered:

  • What’s the difference between CBD and THC and what are the implications of using them in edible goods?
  • Why bakers might consider cooking with cannabis?
  • What are the different types of cannabis you can cook with?
  • How well does cannabis lend itself to use in baked goods?
  • Let’s talk about a future state when cannabis edibles are sold in retail locations such as a bakery: How do you decide if selling baked goods containing cannabis is right for your business?
  • What steps are required – and regulatory hurdles – to legally sell cannabis baked goods?

Meet our speakers

Andy Deonarine has spent the last 20 years in industries targeting adults while navigating highly regulated environments in Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean. Additionally, he has operated multiple restaurants and bars over this time and believes cannabis can provide an excellent opportunity for those in the culinary industry. Andy’s experience has allowed him to become a trusted voice for regulatory-driven industries wishing to implement best-in-class communication practices. His experience has been sought after in the cannabis industry where he has consulted with Ontario retailers and multiple companies that trade on the Canadian Stock Exchange and now currently oversees CannSell, the sole mandated certification program for all cannabis retail employees in Ontario. Contact Andy at

After working for over a decade in academic health care, in 2018 Tamara Lilien took a leap out of the corporate world to start her own company, CannaLily Consulting. Since then, she has become a level 2 certified Cannabis Sommelier (CannaReps), a certified Interpener (Trichome Institute) and a certified Cannabis Educator (Michener Institute). In 2019, Tamara was selected from 25,000 applicants to serve as one of five members of the world’s only Cannabis Curation Committee ( Her newest endeavour finds her taking on the role of Head of Education at CannSell Ontario. Tamara is passionate about educating the masses, dispelling cannabis myths and creating accessible communities. Contact Tamara at




Don Gingrich is a cannabis cooking and infusion educator, edibles consultant and certified chef with over 35 years’ experience. As a cannabis advocate and medical cannabis grower who, as a childhood cancer survivor, Don realized the healing potential of cannabis during chemotherapy. He sat on the Canadian Standards Council for the regulation of cannabis edibles and teaches cooking classes for home edible production. Contact Don at

The Art and Business of Baking with Cannabis takes place at Bakery Showcase at 11 a.m. at Bakery Showcase.

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