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Wixon creates “flavour mask” for baking with CBD

August 28, 2019
By Bakers Journal

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Interest in CBD is strongest in the food and beverage industry, where year-over-year social mention growth was 189 per cent, according to Signals Playbook™. Numerous estimates put the CBD food and beverage market value in the billion dollar range.

According to Google Trend data, so far in 2019 interest in CBD is outpacing search query volume and growth for cannabis, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive compound in cannabis) and hemp.

All this market potential has ignited a flurry of CBD product development in the food and beverage space and brought awareness to flavour challenges with hemp-derived CBD. To address these flavour challenges, Wixon is launching the taste modifier, Green-Away for CBD, designed specifically for use with hemp-derived CBD.

“Green-Away for CBD is the newest addition to our Mag-nifique™ custom taste portfolio,” says Mel Mann, director of innovation, Wixon. “And much in the same way as with our other Mag-nifique™ taste modifiers, Green-Away gives us the ability to mask bitterness and off-notes often associated with hemp-derived CBD.”


The Green-Away for CBD masking technology directly targets the bitter and undesirable taste of hemp-derived CBD in applications without imparting sweetness or affecting any other aspect of taste. In keeping with the entire Mag-nifique™ portfolio, Green-Away for CBD is labeled as a natural flavour and is available in liquid, dry and non-GMO formulations.

Wixon Mag-nifique™ technology offers food and beverage product developers a broad range of flavour modification systems. Green-Away for CBD is from Mag-nifique’s™ functional category of custom taste solutions. The newly relaunched Mag-nifique™ portfolio includes solutions for:

•Reducing sugar and sodium without affecting flavour

•Increasing functional ingredients (protein, vitamins, CBD) without affecting flavour and mouthfeel

•Masking off-notes and bitterness

•Enhancing intended or desirable savoury notes without MSG

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